Saltark Property Management was founded in 2014, because CJ knew no one who would recommend their property management company to her.

Saltark was geared from day 1 to provide an outstanding personal property management service, a service that our landlords would recommend to friends and family with huge confidence.  This is how we have grown.

Current landlords, with first-hand experience of our services, trust us and recommend us.  And we cannot say, “Thank You” enough!  We will always do everything in our power to give the best property management service and look after your rental property as if it is our own.

You could be a first-time, brand new landlord, or an old hand with a bunch of investment properties just looking for a good new service.

Our landlords

Saltark’s property management services are designed to fit your need, whatever your circumstances.

At Saltark we are aware that your rental income pays your mortgage, your grocery bill, funds your annual holiday, or will allow you to retire early.  We know looking after your rental property or properties is a massive responsibility which we take very seriously.

With this in mind, Saltark Property Management
service includes:

Our Property Managers all have a detailed knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) including the latest updates, regulations and property compliance requirements.  This is the starting point of everything we do, as landlords and tenants deserve the respect the RTA offers when followed correctly.

But what do we do on a
day to day basis?

Well, every day is different:

One day we could be photographing, writing and advertising new rental properties, scheduling viewing appointments with potential tenants, showing homes, receiving tenant applications for reference checking and following our selection process.

Or, we could be offering a new home to new tenants, sending welcome letters with our tenancy agreements, policy documents and  bond lodgement forms, and booking appointments for signatures.  Then we would run through the details, answer questions, agree move in dates, confirm rents and bonds and receive one weeks’ rent in advance. And we would also need to book entry inspections and key hand overs.

While all this goes on, current tenants might call us regarding maintenance issues like blocked toilets, oven door seals falling off or maybe a child has dropped cough medicine on the carpet. There may be a mystery stain on a ceiling which could be a roof leak. This would prompt us to jump in a car to visit and view. Any work needing to be done would require us to process a work order or make a call to any landlord who likes to do their own maintenance jobs. And then we book suitable times with everyone to organise access.

We might also have scheduled  property inspections.  We inspect each property at least 4 times per year, often an insurance requirement.   Saltark property inspections are now done on a specifically designed app on our smart phones. We inspect everything including floors, ceilings, doors, walls, fittings, and chattels, taking 100 – 200 photos at each property to provide evidence in the event of any queries from the landlord or the tenant.

But property inspections are also about using common sense and knowing our tenants.  We use our eyes, sense of smell, and touch, and pay attention to detail.  All inspections and photos are emailed to our landlords and are available via landlord secure passwords in our Landlord Portal.

We get to know our tenants, and build a good rapport with them. This opens the door to honest communications, which is reflected in how they care for our properties.  So we do pick up the phone and chat about inspections, maintenance, or their change of job.  We do flick them an email of congratulations when babies are born, and prompt them to call us if they have a question.

We believe our tenants look after their homes, because they carefully selected and are happy in their home, but also because they know us at Saltark and want to work with us to look after their home.  Looking after a property well is a team effort.

Every day we check the receipt of rents and water bill payments, receive and process bond payments to and from the Bond Office and pay suppliers like electricians and plumbers for their services. This is our standard practice.

On the last Friday of each month we supply financial month end statements and make payment to each landlord.  And at each financial year end, we provide each landlord with a fully comprehensive financial report summary on each rental property we manage. This is a huge savings, as the cost of an accountant putting this report together annually is significant.

Dispute resolution is critical. We work quickly to solve issues when they arise.  This could mean a 14-day notice or the lodgement of problems with the Tenancy Tribunal.  We attend Tenancy Tribunal mediations and hearings and manage Tribunal Orders.

Probably the most important aspect of our role is that all of us at Saltark really enjoy what we do.  Property Management for us is not a job, it is a passion or a calling, that requires a unique set of skills and talents. Our team are highly valued individuals, who rightly deserve your highest esteem.

What do landlords say
about Saltark?

CJ and her staff are great. She has been our property management company for the past 5 years. We have found her very professional to deal with. CJ is great with us and our tenants. CJ always keeps us up to date with changes to landlord requirements. We get all the 3 monthly inspection reports.

Bronwyn, May 2020

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CJ and her team at Saltark to anyone looking for a property manager. She has been meticulous and proactive in her approach as well as keeping me thoroughly informed about all matters pertaining to residential rentals. In particular she was enormously helpful with navigating new legislative requirements and getting the house ready for market, then finding a tenant at an excellent rental price. This is in marked contrast to the last time I used a property manager so I’m delighted to have my faith restored in such matters.

Alan, May 2020

Carmyn has just been amazing, incredibly thorough – there is nothing she has not thought. She has systems in place to prevent every possible scenario that could possibly go wrong. I feel in incredibly safe hands having the house under her watch – makes life so reassuring. My dealings with other property managers have been petty horrific (one had the house painted a different colours to my instructions). She is hands down the best property manager around, I can not recommend her highly enough.

Florence, April 2020

CJ and the Saltark team have been managing my property for almost two years while I am based overseas. Their professionalism, experience, communication and care means I don’t have to think about a single thing.

Diane, April 2020

My wife and I highly recommend Saltark Property Management to all landlords – CJ and her team provide a highly professional friendly and dedicated service and I particularly appreciate that CJ and her staff are experts in their field of property management, highly knowledgeable and provide a 24/7 service for emergencies and provide excellent service in all aspects of looking after the properties, marketing for tenants, vetting and selecting tenants, managing rent receipts and accounting processes for landlords – monthly statements are always timely and accurate including bank transfers to landlords. Saltark staff are particularly dedicated to ensuring properties are kept in good order, rent managed, inspections completed and required maintenance followed up, whether a tenant or landlord responsibility

The fee paid for Saltark services is absolutely great value and the peace of mind we enjoy knowing CJ and her wonderful staff are managing everything on a 24/7 basis and do deal with any emergency is wonderful – we know we can count on Saltark and they have our back.

Glenn, April 2020

CJ manages our rental residential property in inner Auckland. I highly recommend her services She is professional, personal and proactive in managing our property and finding quality tenants. CJ and her team are highly responsive in resolving any tenancy issues and ensuring our property is well maintained and looked after by our tenants.

Jacinta, November 2019

I have found Saltark one of the best property management businesses. They are proactive, keep you informed and ensure that they have the right tenant for your rental property. I have enjoyed working with Saltark. I wish they were in Hamilton and Levin. Excellent Property Managers are hard to find.

Bre Heythuysen, September 2019

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