We believe all our tenants have the potential to be homeowners and perhaps even property investors who might well be clients of Saltark Property Management in the future.

New Zealand has always punched above its weight internationally, in almost every field you can name, from rugby, netball, shotput, basketball, American’s Cup Sailing, to technology and even rockets going into space from our North Island’s Mahia Peninsula.  There is no reason why you cannot own your own home.

At Saltark, we know there are Kiwis from every walk of life striving daily to be the absolute best they can be, and dreaming big.  We have number 8 wire mentality, so that when everything is against us, we can approach a problem from a different perspective to create a solution that gives us results.  And for many of us our greatest dream is to own our own home.

No one at Saltark is a Financial Advisor, we are just Property Managers who are passionate about property and good people.  But because property is our passion, we hear many people talking about how they bought their property.   And there are many different ways to do this, so we thought we would share some ideas.

So let’s start with New Zealand Government website links of interest: