When you sign your Tenancy Agreement and confirm your move-in date, you need to sign up for electricity to start at your new address on your move-in date.  Monthly you will receive an electricity bill from your chosen supplier, for you to pay direct to them.

Often the electricity company will also supply gas if your street has gas supply.  But if you have a gas hot water system, or a gas stove top running off gas bottles, you may need to buy your gas bottles for delivery from the local gas company.

You will also receive a water bill from Saltark for the payment of the water going into your property and also for the wastewater leaving your property.  In different parts of NZ these bills arrive monthly, or every 2nd month, and sometimes every 3 months. Please be prepared for this and save money so you are ready to pay this bill when it arrives.

NB:  All water payments are direct into the Saltark Trust Account (Saltark does not accept cash). Note that your Bank Reference is always your rental address.

No, you can use any electricity company you like, but here is a link to FAST CONNECT so you can explore your best options and perhaps by using our Referral Code # 1534Z get a discount or credit:


At Saltark we offer you a water savings service.  You can choose to pay an extra amount, for example $15 per week on top of your rent, and this money is held in a Water Ledger in your name. This means your savings are available to pay your water bill when it arrives.  This takes the pressure off paying a water bill, making life a lot more fun.

We normally sign 12-month Fixed Term Agreements which is good for tenants as they have absolute security for the period of this agreement.  Then on an annual basis, about 10 months in to this agreement, we check with the landlord to ensure they are happy and are not planning to sell, we agree on a fair rent increase (we all expect costs to increase annually, but sometimes they don’t), then we come and meet with you, our tenants and discuss if you are happy and wish to sign the new 12-month Fixed Term Agreement on offer.

If you wish to move out at the end of your Fixed Term Agreement you must give anything from 21-90 days’ notice. This notice period is the same for the landlord.

You can only break a Fixed Term Agreement by mutual agreement with Saltark and the landlord.  You are normally responsible for advertising, and work/admin costs, and rent until new tenants have gone through our selection process, have been offered and have signed a new Tenancy Agreement, have paid rent and bond and moved in.

See this link for further details:


At Saltark we do not accept cash.  Online bank to bank rent payments are perfect, and we request that you set up automatic payments weekly on the same day e.g. every Thursday.  If this is not possible, you can deposit directly into the Saltark Trust Account at your local bank.

NB:  Bank Reference for all rents must be your rental address

Our Tenancy Agreements prohibit subletting, so only those on the Tenancy Agreement can live at our properties.

We do however have rentals that are groups of flatmates and we have Tenancy Agreements that are negotiated at time of application that allow for sharing.  We normally have lead tenants who manage the house bank account which pays rent and bills. Flatmates, all of whom complete our Tenancy Application Form, are screened and approved to ensure we have more great tenants joining our great households.  It is not complicated, we just want good people looking after good people.

Every house is unique, and some landlords allow pets others do not.  We must follow the landlords instructions for each individual house.  Some say NO, others allow a cat or cats, others allow a dog or dogs. We recommend if you are renting to think very hard about having a pet as the number of rentals that allow pets is small, and moving house is far more difficult.

NB:  Fish are also pets and they can be a big problem. For example, if you have a large fish tank and a disaster hits, the tank may leak damaging carpets, floors, and sometimes causing water damage upstairs and downstairs.  Please ask your Property Manager, before moving in, if fish are acceptable.

At Saltark we specify how many cars can be parked on the property and you are asked to provide car details in your Tenancy Agreement.  Each house, flat or apartment is unique, depending on garaging, carports, concrete driveways and off-street parking options.  We use our common sense on what is logical for each property but please detail this in our Tenancy Agreement as we do not want cars parked on grass, damaging gardens or verges, and making homes looking like used car yards.

We value family and understand that family and friends will visit occasionally and stay over. This is normal and healthy.  However, we do like to be informed of any extended visit (1 week or more) and we  believe that anyone staying over every week regularly for a few nights or more, should be on the Tenancy Agreement.

Please email office@saltark.com with details of any maintenance issues that arise at the house.  We will contact you as quickly as possible, certainly within 48 hours, to discuss details and plan the result needed.

For EMERGENCY issues we have a 24/7 Emergency number 021 2011 092 for you to call.  We have tradesman on call like plumbers and locksmiths who we can call if needed.  You are not on your own in an emergency we are here to help.  You will see more details on your Welcome Letter when you move in to one of our Saltark rentals.

We will always give you at least 48 hours’ notice, before arriving to do a property inspection.

If urgent maintenance is required, we will give you 24 hours’ notice, as we are likely to arrive with the plumber or tradesman to supply access so work can be completed fast.

All our houses are unfurnished but include stoves or ovens and stove tops.  Many include some appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, televisions, or heat pumps.  It is best to check when you view and ask our Property Manager exactly what is included in the home you are considering.

We recommend all tenants have insurance for all their belongings (i.e. contents insurance).